Sunday, December 30, 2007

Re-Dye: Indian Summer Play Date

Achtung! RetroActive!

We had a play date at my old place a few months ago - when it was warmer. Mom, Lisa, and I went up to the Dye shop in Vancouver on Grandville Island. Oh how we loved that store. It's not much bigger than a walk-in closet, but OH how chock full of goodies it was!

Then, we came back to my place and turned my dusty rose clothing to a lovely shade of purple. Plus, we tried painting floor cloths and using paint on dyes. Great Fun! To top it all off Yank made us girls MaiTai's and walked them by! So, here's a series of fun photos of our play date. The skirt and shirt were originally the color of the tank top I'm wearing in the last photo.

In the dye pot and to the bucket holding area...

We bought these COOL French fabric paints. So, they helped to hide imperfections in the way the skirt and shirt dyed.

Oh that Luna - she tried to help paint stripes. I guess her stripes weren't bold enough for her!

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